Making a booking

Once you have agreed to the quote, an invoice for the booking fee will be sent to you. The booking is not considered a definite booking until the booking fee has been received. The booking fee is typically 50% of the total quoted price. The remainder 50% is due upon delivery of the low resolution images to you. Once the final 50% has been received then the high resolution versions of the images will be made available to you via dropbox.

Images provided are for your personal use and promotion of your business only. The images can only be used as outlined in the quote. If you wish to use the images for an alternative use then a small fee may be payable. Please contact me for any clarification needed.

Under no circumstances can you provide these images to any third party for any reason or for any price or no price. The copyright remains the property of the photographer as per copyright laws. We maintain the right to charge you for any use of the images not stipulated in the quote.

Any images provided are not available for your use until full payment has been received.

Sorry, but no credit facilities are offered.

Need to cancel

Things happen and things change!

The booking fee is non refundable. However, if you wish to move the booking to another date then the full booking fee will be credited against your account, on the basis the cancellation is more than 48 hours in advance of the set date. Consideration will be give to extreme circumstances. 

Once within 48 hours the booking fee is not transferable and is non refundable. 

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for lessons or for photographic work such as portraits etc are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. No refunds on gift vouchers will be offered. However, a credit can be given towards other services on the basis that the voucher is within the twelve month expiry term and is subject to approval by us.

The use of the word 'image(s)' refers to still and moving images such as video.