Project water365 is a personal commitment to take one photo every day for a year with the topic being water. 


Well, I read that several photographers have done the same in the past with various outcomes. All outcomes having a big change on their photography style, and for some a complete change in professional direction.

I'm not sure where it will lead me. I do not have any expectations apart from the fact that I will want to skip a day here or there! The rules are, only one photo per day can be counted and it must be everyday. So that's my commitment. 

Why water?

I have always been pulled towards water. Sea, ponds, rivers whatever. I find water relaxing. And of course its everywhere and we need it to survive.

I'll update the images here once a week with the previous seven days worth with any comments I feel like.


P.S. I'll separate into smaller galleries of about 50 in each, just page down for more recent images! 

Day 1 to 50

Day 51 to 100