How to build brand imagery

How to build brand imagery

A logo is a mark or symbol that is unique for simple and immediate recognition of your brand.

Brand imagery is how you build your brands aesthetic. They convey emotions to the viewer (known as brand feelings). They build trust and confidence over time and repeated exposure.

So how do you create the best imagery for your brand?

Think of your ideal customer. What is important to them and what does their day look like. The better the visual is of your ideal customer the more you will understand what visuals your ideal audience will respond to.

Different demographics respond to different designs. Its crucial to think carefully about colour, composition, type face, content and style working together to create different moods. EG dark colours and heavy fonts project seriousness, pale neutral palates can give a modern or even futuristic vibe.

Knowing the ideal customer allows you to pick the design elements to focus on. 

Test different images and see what works best. Once you have that mix then stick to it.

Images should not be bland, but they should resemble each other on some level. Images and video being rolled out across different on line platforms and in print need to be part of an overall communication strategy. They should fit together to tell a story.