Why builders need professional photography on their web site

It is more imperative for a new building company starting out, to have great photography on their web site than it is for an established builder.

An established builder already has clients and word of mouth. A new builder does not, and potential customers will want to see their work before engaging them. Below are some key benefits to having professional photography and also some tips to help make it as cost efficient as possible.


1. The photos on your web site represent you and your business. A poor quality image taken with an phone or low quality camera, will say to the viewer this is what your work is like. You will be judged on this first impression.

2. Potential customers want to see your work for themselves before making a decision. An image is worth more than a 1000 words. It's your evidence of your work and your opening pitch to a new customer.

3. Optimised images help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The image will help search engines preference you in rankings.

4. Use of stock photos give a false impression. It's not your work or you. Stock images are easy to spot and starts the relationship off on a deceitful and false manner. 

5. If you do not have many projects to show, then take more photos and different angles of the projects you have. Also do not show them on your web site as 'House/Project A' and then House B' etc. This simply highlights the number of properties you have completed. Rather, show a range of photos across different projects and do not mention the number of projects completed. For example, you may show several bathrooms all together.

6. Do close up shots of key design work and good craftsmanship areas. Potential customers want to see the detail in your work and it allows more images from the one project.

7. Have a profile image of yourself on the web site, either directing work on the job, or talking to a customer. The key here is to show an image of a scenario that will appeal to the type of customer you want to go after in future.

8. Cost of photography can be shared between an architect or building suppliers. 

If you would like to know more about the costs and time involved for me take your professional photos then please do not hesitate to contact me.