Creating Video that matters

When I started my commercial photography business, I always wanted to create more than just a pretty picture. Don’t get me wrong, I like pretty pictures as much as the next person. But they are a waste of time on a business web site if all they do is provide some free entertainment to the viewer.

So I combined my marketing background with my photography skills to create images that help put dollars in the till of my clients. That is, I look carefully at the target audience and find out what turns them on. I then set about creating an image for my clients that relates directly to that audience and builds a demand for their services.

Whilst I have been doing videography for many years, I have tended to keep it to the basic interview type of work. But the more I look around the more I see videography trying to be very pretty, but not really relating back to the market. Stunning shots using drones is great fun and makes impressive viewing. But as above it’s just free entertainment unless it somehow creates a demand for the businesses product or service from their ideal market.

So I’m now looking for clients who want to create some impactful videos for their businesses.

I look forward to sharing some on future blog posts.

Oh and I still create pretty pictures, I just sell them direct for people to put on their wall.

Promotional Video

In my photography I like to capture candid moments. I don’t particularly like scenes that are overly posed and I am trying to bring that same authenticity into the video work I am doing. Here’s a promotional video I did for the BNI Gateway chapter and I tried to approach it with the same idea of capturing the meeting as it really is, and not make a typical corporate style promo.

Adding Value

Once I have a new brief, I take the time to make sure I fully understand the clients needs and the purpose of the photographs or video. I block out the time for the research, travel, the job itself and then block time afterwards for the editing, making sure that the work is delivered to the client well in advance of their deadlines.

Then I look at how I can add value to the job. What else can I add that the client is not expecting.

In the video below it shows the additional environmental / location images that I obtained for the client whilst in Dalby. I arrived the afternoon before the day of the shoot, which gave me plenty of time to check out the area and get some nice sunrise shots with the drone as well as others of the local area.

4 reasons collaboration works better than my way!

The video below is stunning. It's creative, on brand and more than met the clients expectations. But neither one of us could have done this alone.

Four reasons why this collaboration worked:

1. When you are forced to articulate your ideas to others in the group, it brings about a deeper level of clarity. What you are good at becomes very clear, as well as what you are not so good at. By being clear on your strengths and weaknesses gaps appear for others in the group to step in and help. This honesty and self awareness allows you to focus on what you are good at.

2. Friction within the group is inevitable. However, this friction does not need to be negative. If you throw your toys out the pram and stomp off then of course this is negative to the group. However, within the friction there is an energy that if worked through can evolve to give a much better result. Both parties can be right. It does not mean that someone has to win and someone has to lose. By working through the friction it can mean both points of view are right and then it becomes a discussion around how to use both points together.

3. 1+1 = 3. Large businesses have departments, but that does not mean they collaborate well. Indeed, they are often at war! Smaller one person businesses are often scared to collaborate as they may see others in the group as competitors. But as the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Sharing ideas, skills and resources means you can reach new markets and pitch for bigger projects. Individual businesses are still part of a greater whole and there is power in that.

4. Collaborating with others allows you to learn from others. Rather than sticking to your narrow field you can learn from others in different areas of the business. This in itself helps your own business as well as the overall project you are working on. It allows you to extend beyond your comfort zone and stretch your boundaries.

The above video was a collaboration between:, producer/director and drone videography director / drone and videography/ post production/editing Story telling and scripting Beautiful music  - Our client who was very much part of the team

Preparing for a promotional video

In preparation for a promotional video, or any video for that matter, the most important aspect is to understand the branding, the message you want to portray and to what audience. Then with the basic information at hand start to create a story to engage the viewer and make them the hero.

Listening to stories is something we all enjoy, and if we can relate and immerse ourselves then we can easily get lost in the plot and time disappears. Just think of the latest Star Wars movie. Over three hours long and it went in a flash!! or may be not quick enough for some!

I work with one of Brisbane's most creative collective groups including designers, marketing and branding strategists, videographers, drone pilots, web and graphics teams. We work together to create a story that will bond with your potential customers.

The below video is from a location recce in preparation for a promotional video. We have not yet developed the story, but what an amazing destination to start with!