Creating Video that matters

When I started my commercial photography business, I always wanted to create more than just a pretty picture. Don’t get me wrong, I like pretty pictures as much as the next person. But they are a waste of time on a business web site if all they do is provide some free entertainment to the viewer.

So I combined my marketing background with my photography skills to create images that help put dollars in the till of my clients. That is, I look carefully at the target audience and find out what turns them on. I then set about creating an image for my clients that relates directly to that audience and builds a demand for their services.

Whilst I have been doing videography for many years, I have tended to keep it to the basic interview type of work. But the more I look around the more I see videography trying to be very pretty, but not really relating back to the market. Stunning shots using drones is great fun and makes impressive viewing. But as above it’s just free entertainment unless it somehow creates a demand for the businesses product or service from their ideal market.

So I’m now looking for clients who want to create some impactful videos for their businesses.

I look forward to sharing some on future blog posts.

Oh and I still create pretty pictures, I just sell them direct for people to put on their wall.