Doing something creative everyday boosts your well being

It does not matter whether you consider yourself a creative type or not. Research has found that people are happier and more energised when engaged in something creative everyday. That positive mood goes hand in hand with creative thinking.

It's nonsense to you say you are non creative. It might not be your natural inclination, but everyone has a creative side to them. And by expanding that creative side it can lead to feeling better and making better decisions.

Some ideas for the so called non creatives to do on a daily basis are: write a journal; photography; cook; draw; paint; paint furniture; paint a room; sing; play an instrument; do a different work out; dance; ice skate; knit; write a story; write a poem; it's endless!

For my daily creativity on top of my day job of being a photographer, I have started project water 365. I have to take a photo of something to do with water everyday for a year. I can't take several on one day and then take a few days off! One photo to choose per day for a year.

I'm up to day 43 and you can see my images at the link below.

So far I have found that the harder I try, the harder it becomes. If I rush it also has a limiting effect on my creativity. Best results seem to come when I set time aside and don't pre plan anything. Just take 30 minutes out of my day to wonder and see what comes up. Or, play with stuff in the studio.

Apparently the real benefits come after about 3 months. We'll see...!