Number one killer of creativity

Fear of failure has to be the number one killer of creativity.

The fear that you might make a huge mistake or look stupid trying something new can stop most people in their tracks. How embarrassing it might be to do a painting or some pottery for the first time since you were a kid and it looks like it was done by a 7 year old!

Interestingly 7 year olds don't give a crap. Neither do most people as they get into the later stages of life. What happens in the middle is this horrible thing called judgment and fear of that judgement.

But the thing is, you can't start to get better if you don't start. And, more importantly who cares if it's no good? Being an outstanding artist is not the reason most people start painting. It's the process of painting (or any other art form), that brings the joy and personal benefit. 

I strongly believe we all have creativity, even accountants! Whilst there are some guidelines to various forms of art, the creativity comes from the right side of the brain where rules do not (should not) exist in developing your creative side. 

If you fancy taking photos, painting, pottery, acting or singing or whatever, then just start. When the voice in the head comes along with doubt just tell it to piss off.  Saying that out loud is very satisfying!

The worst case scenario is the outcome might not be very pretty, but you will have a great time. The chances are, there will be something that works and takes you into a different direction than you anticipated.

In order to develop my creativity further I have undertaken project water365. This entails me taking one photo every day for a year about the subject of water. I could choose any subject, but I have always been drawn to water. I don't know what it will bring, but I am told after about 3 months when I am sick of the project, the left side of the brain starts to give up. That pesky voice in the head! And then, when pushing through this tough stage, the right side of the brain comes out to help. Ideas just start to flow. The less you try the easier it becomes.

And then...... well let's wait and see.