Illegal drone use can end in hefty fine!

The rules for drones changed last year and generally made things a little easier and clearer.

If you are flying for fun, and there is no commercial use for the video footage then the basic rules are:

* Keep under 120 metres

* No general public within 30 metres

* Not within 5.5 KM of aerospace.  If there are any other aircraft in the area, EG a helicopter then land immediately.

* Only fly during the day and keep the craft in line of sight. 

* No flying over people, buildings or populated areas like a busy beach.

* Do not fly over emergency situations such as forest fires, accidents etc.

* Depending on what state you are located, you may need permission to fly in national parks.

If your craft is below 2KG and you wish to fly commercially then you have to apply to casa at and the above guide lines still apply. If you want to fly within these restrictions then you need a Remote Pilot License and an Operators Certificate.

I have fully licensed and experienced pilots who can offer the full service.

The video below outlines other threats lurking to take you down!

PLEASE NOTE the above are general guidance notes and should not be taken as being correct for your location or situation. Visit for full details. If in doubt ask!