Creative product photography ideas

For a potential buyer to be interested in your product or service, you need a web site. Everyone agrees with that, although surprisingly there is a high percentage of new businesses that do not have a web site. But that's for another blog post!

On that web site people want to see what they are buying. Whether its a service or a product, videography and photography will help the sales process. The issue is how do you get your product stand out from the rest.

A lot of products are shown on clean white backgrounds, and whilst there is a case for some products to be shown in this way, it's not utilising the space to help sell.

One key idea is to use the background to put the product in place in the buyers mind. Different props and environments can help potential buyers imagine how they would use your product.

In addition to having a more creative backdrop, the backdrop and positioning of props should help to tell a story. A story will engage the viewer on a deeper level. In the case below, the brief was for a glass of wine to appear on the front of a wine menu. Here I decided to show where the wine came from and combine the grape and the finished product in one shot to tell the story of its origin. Although we did opt for the plain black background in this case!

The key is to brainstorm ideas in the first instance that will resonate with your audience.