Preparing for a promotional video

In preparation for a promotional video, or any video for that matter, the most important aspect is to understand the branding, the message you want to portray and to what audience. Then with the basic information at hand start to create a story to engage the viewer and make them the hero.

Listening to stories is something we all enjoy, and if we can relate and immerse ourselves then we can easily get lost in the plot and time disappears. Just think of the latest Star Wars movie. Over three hours long and it went in a flash!! or may be not quick enough for some!

I work with one of Brisbane's most creative collective groups including designers, marketing and branding strategists, videographers, drone pilots, web and graphics teams. We work together to create a story that will bond with your potential customers.

The below video is from a location recce in preparation for a promotional video. We have not yet developed the story, but what an amazing destination to start with!