Wedding Video

Wedding videos can be made from a mixture of still images and video. The one below shows a selection of still images and how we create interesting backgrounds and mix of music. When including video in the mix of stills it's important to decide in advance if audio is needed, for example capturing the vowels, or whether just motion is required E.G. Bride getting out the car etc. If audio is to be included then careful consideration must be given to what microphones are to be used and where to position them. From experience we have found a lapel mic is best on the groom and helps to cut down on background noise. Although, I really like the stills video below and when video is included in the mixture to keep it short and without audio. 

How long should my video be?

So how long should your video be?

The best answer I have come up with is: As short as possible!

But there are other times when it really depends on your audience and the purpose of the video. In today's world of wanting everything now and as quick as possible - short is best.

Generally speaking someone will decide to watch your video depending on it's length and whether it has a snazzy thumb nail or not.  We've all seen a link to a video that we're interested in, only to backspace because it says 'x' amount of minutes rather than seconds!

Videos less than a minute have the highest viewing rates. Over two minutes may have your viewers clicking elsewhere. If it's a video tutorial then less than two minutes will work the best. Research some youtube stats and it shows 45-90 seconds is long enough to keep your audience interested.

The video below is advertising a boat cruise for owners and their pet pooches! It's arguably slightly too long at 97 seconds but the client could not decide to cut any more! It's message is to show the freedom the dogs have on the boat and the general relaxed atmosphere. 

If it's a video for pure advertising then 30-45 seconds is about the most you can push it. Some TV ads run for just 15 seconds and if the creative packs some punch then they can do very well. It's obviously all about the creative material.

So to sum up....what's the ideal length? The shorter the better, depending upon the message you want to convey and whether its an  informational or advertising piece. 

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